Top The Hottest Women In The World 2022

Most of the lists of these hottest women, at the beginning of the new century, include renowned names and beautiful ones. Some people thought they were in a list because they are very good looking while other people thought they are not eligible because they are not Asian. The beauty trends that take place in […]

Citayam Fashion Week, A New Trend in Town

Citayam Fashion Week was launched in 2014 with the idea that fashion weeks are often bloated and lose connection with the consumer. The purpose of Citayam Fashion Week is to bring together the creativity and ideation of fashion designers where they can present new creations to the public. The event is organized annually. Participants said […]

Top T-shirt design trends you will love 2022-2023

A funny saying shirt with a print that excels in college campuses Designs that you commend. T-Shirts printed with different shapes and types of printing machines These are the top trends that fashion design industry expected to take over in the coming years. 🔴1. Welcome back to school: Why not get one of these fashionable […]

Top 10 T-Shirt Design Trends for 2022, trending T-shirt

T-shirts have been the go-to clothing article for teenagers, young adults and people in their 30s. No matter what your age or whom you want to impress with your look, a T-shirt is the perfect addition to your outfit. But what should one look for when one goes shopping for a top design tshirt? What […]

Top Fashion Trends 2022, The Top 10 Collections

Red: The new BLUE!/azure hues soar in color This is the introduction of Section 2. Blueberries are predicted to take on an aggressive good-nature that signals how seasonal-eating forges its own dieting language. Herbalism is a luminescent mood, confirming how decluttering falls under the umbrella of intimate sustainability and starts to nod towards an ethical […]

What are the current fashion trends 2022? trend now in fashion?

Fashion is not just a language anymore, it is an international business landscape. Whether they are in NYC or Milan, Paris or Madrid, designers will always aim to make the next “IT”style. The fashion industry refuses to remain stagnant and as we go into this decade the fashion world had already seen many shifts and […]