Top Fashion Trends 2022, The Top 10 Collections

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New York Fashion Week is considered the most important week in the fashion calendar. The biggest revelations and news are presented here.

The forecasts for next year show that designers are keeping it neutral with “parks, dusty greys, and earth tones”. But not entirely simplistic as Dolce and Gabbana’s Stefano Pilgrims Fantasy collection was inspired by Italy’s geology of rock formations from thousands of years ago.

This balance of a return to simplicity combined with modest silks mixed with maxi-dresses completing the pantheon of changes from next year’s trends.

Since the top six fashion lists were published by an AI writing tool, trends for the coming years 2022 are being predicted.

The List is topped by exciting new brands like Vetements, Violetta and Georges Chamoun. Clearly these emerging stars of today offer one-of-a-kind pieces with creative sensibilities that speak to design savvy fashionistas around the world.

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The fresh crop of prettiest pieces from some of world top designers is all set to steal the next season fashion trends show. Banners and runway looks have been on best-dressed star, consumer’s media feed and now it’s time we get to take a look at what they’ll be wearing tomorrow. We do it by breaking down 10 top designs collections by tailoring them diverse client segments, touching on one point that each is showcasing.


“While some are content with passive “feminine” clothes like feminine skirts, dresses, and robe coats, others aim to make a statement via edgier options like pyjama jeans.”

We can see how leading apparel designers are observing our deepening appreciation for different sorts of clothes – foregoing their customary service or any old garments with regular sex appeal towards the marketâ

A decade ago expressing one’s style was much simpler. The fashion trends were much more aligned with society’s outlook of the world at that time, which in modern terms means it was pretty clean cut and simple. Nowadays we are as multi-cultural and differentiated than ever before, which for some means that finding their own sense of personal style is a whole lot more difficult. A member of one generation may dress very differently to another yet in both categories the clothes will always be of high-quality. One might wear something with a statement slogan across this chest while the other prefers something more dark and bony.

Fronted by Gemima Skelton and India Fitzgerald, The Top 10 Collections began in London 20 years ago. Their discerning eyes and creative instincts were evident from the day they took charge, guiding the label through significant change and expansion.

Today, they represent and lead The Top Fashion Trends with a clear eye on their future collections of 12 events every year. From taking their place each season at London Fashion Week, to collaborating with leading brands on exclusive capsule collections for Selfridges – there is no one better placed to offer keen insight into the next generation of fashion without compromise for those who appreciate originality as much as quality, creativity as much as design detail.